Yeh Rishta has evolved over the time : Rajan Shahi

Popular maker Rajan Shahi is definitely a happy man as his show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is running for the last eight years and the new cast which has actors like Parul Chauhan, Sachin Tyagi, Nupur Joshi and Rishi Dev has been appreciated by the audience. Talking about the show’s success Rajan Shahi says,”The uniqueness about YRKKH is that it has evolved over the time. There is certain positivity in the texture that the soul of it remains always the same and touches the audience. The old and the new cast and team are all rejuvenated and positively working towards the show. That energy within the team creates a certain vibe in the show which reflects in the show itself. I think that has been the strength of the show. We have been able to retain the soul of the show and keep the freshness alive, it’s because of the actors and the team and the trust that the channel has put in.” Rajan also adds,”I think the USP of YRKKH is that every actor is suitable for the character they are playing. The show has got a freshness because of the chemistry between Kartik and Naira and also the new cast. Sachin and Parul have added their own unique touch to the show.” The show is going to have long family functions and ceremonies including the engagement of the lead pair. The buzz for the show is fantastic and the story is keeping the actors glued.