Working in Brahmarakshas was a fruitful experience : Abhaas Mehta


Actor Abhaas Mehta recently won a lot of accolades for his work in the popular show Brahmarakshas. Abhaas was playing the role of Yug in the show. Speaking on his overall experience of the show Abhaas says,”Before this show I have played a devil’s role in Mahadev. Here I played a demon’s role. There was no prosthetic make up but I did wore red lenses in my eyes. This character of Yug was probably one of the biggest challenges for me because I don’t believe in all of this. So for me the first thing was to convince me, because if I don’t believe in something then how will I convince the audience?” Abhaas also adds,”I used to be a pain to my creative as I used to ask so many questions and demand reasons. Once my director told me the daily show story is like your wife. Looking back I feel working in the show was a fruitful experience.” So who were your buddies off screen? “We had our own gang which had Kunal Vohra, Krystle D’Souza and Rakshanda Khan. I would also like to share that working with Aham was a delightful experience, our thought process is  almost similar very light minded.”