TV folks talk about their favourite teachers


This Teacher’s Day, the star cast of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s (Swastik Productions) Karmaphaldata Shani talk about their favourite teachers and those who have acted as teachers in their real lives.

Kartikey Malviye as young Shani (1)

Kartikey Malviya – My favourite teacher is my principal sir, Mr. Shiv Pratap Singh, who has always said that it’s important to pay attention to our talent along with our studies. He has always supported me. Due to my hectic shooting schedules, I am often not able to follow my studies but he helps me to complete my syllabus. I am so grateful to him for helping me and I will always follow his principles. In real life, my teacher is my mother, I learn something from her every day about life. The most valuable lesson that I have learnt is that however big you become don’t ever break anyone’s heart or hurt anyone.

Praneet Sharma as kaakol

Praneet Sharma – My favorite teachers are Nisha Pandre ma’am and Seema Kaliya ma’am. They have always clarified my doubts and helped me to learn quickly. In real life, my parents are my teachers. My Mummy Papa always taught me to do hard work and to fight alongside the tough conditions in life. My Mummy papa have always taught me to never feel negative in life and always be optimistic.

Dhrisha Kalyani as Yami

Dhrisha Kalyani – My favourite teacher was school is Raksha miss, who I can never forget because I learned so many new things from her. The best thing I learned from her was to have lots of patience, love and affection towards everyone. My real life teachers are my parents, who brought me up and taught me how to respect elders and to never give up.

Devish Ahuja as Yam

Devish Ahuja – Rinku ma’am and Nikita ma’am were my favourite teachers in school and I can never forget them. They were very helpful and caring. I consider my parents as my teachers in real life. Everything, all the good deeds that I do, all the lessons, I have learned from them. They have always taught me that I should have no attitude despite being famous.

Kunal Bakshi as Indra (1)

Kunal Bakshi –  My favourite teacher in school was my maths sir Brijmohan jee. Even though I was very bad in maths, he was my favourite. I learnt from him that whatever problem comes in maths or our life, we should solve it with hard work and dedication. Mumbai is my real life teacher. Mumbai teaches us so much about life, how to survive and excel in whatever you want to do. This is something that you can only learn in this city of dreams.

Tarun Khanna as Shiv (1)

Tarun Khanna – I had not one but three favourite teachers; Varsha madam, Neerja madam and Bhakti madam. I learnt English, Hindi and Chemistry from them. I am still in touch with them and appreciate them for showering me with so much love during my school days. I don’t regret anything that I did in school. My guru in real life are my parents, who taught me all my values and good things in life. Along with them, it’s my 3-year-old son Adamya who has taught me humanity and how to keep life simple and fun.

Zohaib Siddiqui

Zohaib Siddiqui –  When I was a kid, my favourite teacher used to be my maths teacher. Her name was miss Preeti. She was so beautiful and well-spoken, all the boys were after her. We never missed a lecture of hers. She used to handle us well. My parents are my real teachers in my life. They taught us to do the right thing always, come what may. They taught us to be patient and strong. I still remember my father once said, “Life is not easy, but you can make it easy, just follow your instincts and do justice to yourself and others, never refrain from hard work and whatever you do, do it with your heart and soul, that will make you a better person in life.”