TV folks talk about independence day memories and the  slogan Mera Bharat Mahan! 


Pooja Banerjee: Nowadays we hardly celebrate We just wish on social media. I still remember my School Vice principal Giving inspirational, patriotic and motivating speeches about our Country, countrymen and freedom fighters. I’m honestly a true patriot I am a Bengali, born in Uttar Pradesh, stayed in Maharashtra, married a Haryanvi and extremely close to South Indians whenever someone asks me what is my religion? I proudly say Indian. I loved the fact when all our schoolmates would come to the school early morning for the flag hoisting ceremony and we would sing patriotic songs, and I always used to get excited that who will come to host the flag on our school, and always wanted one day to get the opportunity to do that it would be such an honour. What I loved doing that day was looking at my mom. she would wear try coloured saree that day without fail. She would wear Indian flag badges and would buy the tri-coloured flag for the house and as a custom she plays Desh Bhakti songs from 7 am in the morning So now everyone in our locality knows That Mrs Purnima Banerjee will play Desh Bhakti songs for everyone. 

Naveen Sharma: I have danced all my life. All the programs that use to be conducted in my school and colleges on 15th August I used to take part as well as I use to teach dance in my school to my juniors. We used to perform every time. There was a time when I was in the parade as well as in dance too. I used to have less time to get ready as it was back to back.  Once I was not able to get into my dance costume. I went into my NCC costume and performed on the stage. I was an odd man out but still, audience supported me. We use to get laddos for every student. My parents use to watch the 15th August show on TV every year. All the branches of my school use to come together and celebrate the show together.  I have one of my friend James Jackon who is from Los Angels who introduced me to Yoga and told me that Indian traditions are also followed  abroad and that really made me feel good.
Gurpreet Singh: I had joined NCC (National Cadet Core) and participated in training camps. It was an awesome patriotic feeling as I lived the way the army has a daily routine.  I wanted to join the army course for Mahan Bharat desh. The versatility our nation has, can not be compared with any country. It’s unique as lots of religion and cast and so much difference in living standards still mostly everyone is patriotic. I will always proudly say that ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’
Puru Chibber:  We usually used to have a holiday on the 15th of August. A day before we used to celebrate the function in our college. We use to get lot of yummy  food during that function. I always used to be very excited about the whole function. We used to sing our patriotic song with lots of happiness and love from the heart. You would never see people so loving caring in any other country except India. Mera Bharat Mahan is because it has a heart. 
Heital Puniwala: Patriotism is in my heart since my childhood. When I was in school I used to try to be a soldier during the 15th August event in my school and college. It used to be holidays on Independence day but still, I used to go school and celebrate it with my friends When I was in college I had joined NCC. My dream was to be a soldier. I have seen all the patriotic movies.   NCC helped me learn about our country. It helped me to be a true patriotic person from my heart and soul 
Vahbizz Dorabjee: All my fondest memories of independence day are from school because it was always mandatory for us to attend flag hoisting on that day. Once we performed on maa tujhe salaam, I still remember it very well. It was a beautiful feeling of going to school and attending the flag hoisting at least it gave us a feeling of being independent. 
Adhvik Mahajan: As independence day was always a holiday so there used to be a flag hosting ceremony a day prior in school and we were given sweets along with flag badges to stick on our shirts. There were story sessions on our great freedom fighters who gave their lives for our freedom. As a school kid, these stories of bravery really excited me filling my inner-self with patriotism and passion for our country. Who am I to justify this slogan?…this is not just a slogan its a religion for me…my country India will always be foremost for me. The least we can do is behave responsibly and contribute to all those social, political or other causes which help our nation to grow and a better place to live in for all.
Mohammad Nazim : We use to have a subject called PT. I miss that now as during Independence day all friends us to together take part in PT. Our school had a big ground where the whole celebrations  use to be conducted. There use to  be parade,  dance drama, singing and many more interesting things. We use to hoist our flag and sing our national anthem together. I feel Mera Bharat Mahan When I go abroad to shoot and audiences over there call me an Indian Actor and shower  so much of love and respect towards me and my country. 
Neha Kaul: My fondest memory of Independence Day in school would be us students making small National flags on paper and pinning it to our uniform, special prayer assembly, the whole school echoing with slogans of Jai Hind, lobbies and corridors decorated with tri coloured balloons. The essays written as a kid on Mera Bharat Mahan have truly found meaning now. So many religions, cultures, beliefs coexisting happily is not a small thing. We all know that sadly it is not always a pretty picture. our country is dealing with so many demons, be it poverty, illiteracy, corruption, pollution….. the list is endless but even then, the spirit with which Indians live is phenomenal. THAT makes my Bharat truly Mahan.
Himanshu Malhotra:  I haven’t celebrated Independence Day from a long time. We usually sit in the house and watch television but I remember two years back I had participated in one of the function of Independence where I was portraying as an army officer and air force officer which was very interesting. Looking forward to contributing to some of the other ways. on this 15th August. This year I am trying a bit of RHA that is Robinhood Army they have few targets too. Their idea is to irradiate hunger and this what they are bit trying to do The contribution should be around 100 kilos of that’s  or something I ‘ll be contributing with them. It is a beautiful  
Geetanjali Singh: Independence means a lot to me. And independence day is and will always be special for me as there are so many fond memories of childhood attached to it. I still remember how it was celebrated at my school and I used to participate in patriotic dance and plays, followed by flag hosting ceremony, national anthem and sweets. I always felt so proud about putting that flag on my uniform.