TV folks talk about Dussehra!


Priyal Gor – Since childhood we are taught the fact that good always prevails over evil. The festival of dussehra, also known as Vijayadashmi symbolizes the victory of good over evil. It is celebrated to signify that no matter how strong the evil forces are, if you have a pure heart and clean soul, you will overcome the obstacle. Every place is decorated and lit up, there are fun fairs and stalls and the pomp and show in the streets fills the entire atmosphere with composure and happiness.. Meeting relatives, eating the traditional delicacies and all of the above is what makes dussehra one of my favourite festivals. The best part about dussehra for me would be going and meeting all my relatives and playing cards all night long and eating the exquisite sweets and food. I have the faintest memory from my childhood, when we used to go down to see the ravan dahan and also we used to have bonfire. where we would and sit and roast marshmallows and our mother’s would sing bhajans.

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 It’s the culmination of Navratri and also the age old saying of the victory of good over evil.  I love eating jalebi from the road on this day as there is a festive mood everywhere. I would want to burn my habit to trust people easily and become an open book. I remember always going to Ramleela ground, I used to be fascinated by Ravana’s 10 heads and  the scene I loved used to be when hanuman ji burnt the lanka with his tail.
Saurabh Pandey –Image result for saurabh pandey in whiteSignificance of Dussehra is very clear since out childhood. It’s Winning of God over Evil or Good over Bad. What’s important is to know what is Good or Godlike or what is Bad or evil like. Whole agenda of Dussehra is based upon Ego. That Ego can make you blind and really start your downfall. That’s what we learn from the stories of Ramayana. Like always I pray to God to please give me his wisdom and help me conquer my ego. To bring positive changes wisdom is must. My fondest memories of Dussehra is when my parents took me for the final day of Ram Leela in Delhi famous Ram Leela ground and watching those tall figures of Ravana, meghnath and Kumbhkaran getting burnt.  But now I support pollution free festivals for the benefit of Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.


Mrunal Jain – Displaying mrunal 14.jpgI have been brought up in Bombay so have seen my mom doing puja. I also visit temple and do puja. Dussehra reminds good always wins over evils. I as a person have transform into a better human being. Every Dussehra I remind myself that I am becoming a better person and I wish peace for everyone. And life is all about celebrating with family.
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Dussehra is also called Vijayadashami and is celebrated as victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahisasura. In North India, usually people celebrate Dussehra by burning the effigy of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghnath and it is the commencement of the play based on the epic, Ramayana.  A chariot carrying Ram, Sita and Laxman passes through the crowd and the person enacting Ram aims an arrow to burn the effigies one by one. Festivals in India convey the message of benevolence, peace and love. If the people kept in mind the beautiful and meaningful messages throughout the year, it would have been peace and harmony all around. In India festivals are celebrated by all Indians, regardless of being a Hindu or belonging to any other religion.
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Ritual I follow is we have a grand puja in our house in Delhi. I’ll be travelling to Delhi to meet my parents and spent some time with them and we also worship machinery weapons because it’s a tradition which is going on in our village. That’s why we celebrate Dussehra in a very grand style. I watched Ravana burning in Ramleela grounds in Delhi. I was quite excited to see and the huge crowd was there. It was a very nice experience and it will still remain in my eyes. A lot of positivity was there so it was a nice experience overall. I would like to kill the hatred amongst human beings.
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The principal motif of Vijaya Dashami is to mark the victory of good over evil and promote social bonding. Apart from the Hindus, people from all religions become a part of the festivities as sweets are distributed to one and all and gifts are exchanged. People pray for peace and prosperity and celebrate the commencement of a fruitful harvest season.
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Hindus celebrate this festivals worldwide by observing social gatherings and offering sweets and gift to relatives, friends and neighbours. the festivity also marks the beginning of the harvest season and prayers are said and rituals are observed to invoke blessings from Mother Earth for a good harvest, peace and prosperity to all. Effigies of Ravana are burnt to mark the victory of good over evil. There is a spirit of brotherhood seen during festival seasons.
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Dussehra reminds that good always wins over evil. I believe in the power of positive living and positive thinking. I used to go for watching Ramleela with my parents as a child. Rituals I follow is we bring fafda jalebi every Dussehra and worship Goddess Durga.
Dalljiet Kaur – dalljiet-kaur1Dussehra for me and my family is a mark of a festive occasion where psychologically we feel is the end of a bad era and start of a good one. We usually celebrate by going out and its fun to see beautifully dressed up people around. I want to finish the instinct of trusting everybody very easily. I never got an opportunity to watch Ramleela but right now I am in Jaipur and can see the putlas of Ravana all set to burn. In my show kaala teeka I also ended the evil of our show because the good always wins.
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 It’s my oldest memory of mom teaching me how good prevails over everything, though it’s sad that sometimes we see in today’s times otherwise. However celebrating it reaffirms the faith. The best part is it is holiday  and there are no recordings or shoots. Yes in our family there is tradition of taking blessings from elders and getting son patta(symbol of gold and ashirwad). Also my mother used to make us do a special bath with besan , honey etc etc and I hated it  but now happy that maybe that’s the reason why without taking much care of my skin it’s still good. My fondest memory was actually always of hanuman’ entry. He is the coolest and most powerful.
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I don’t look at life as good or bad, so the good over evil theory doesn’t move me. I have a single pointed goal of living my life consciously & deliberately and not by accident or compulsively. And therefore every action of mine will need to pass through the fire of determination to stick to the purpose. Those actions that result in a joyful life triumph and others burn to ashes. And that for me is the true meaning of Dussehra. I never had the opportunity of watching the Ram Leela. But Bhagwan Ram for me is the most apt example of living joyfully within, despite what outside situations maybe. I aspire to live my life just as he did.
Sheena Bajaj –sheena-bajaj
Dussehra for me the victory of the good over the bad. I’m a strong believer of karma I believe what ever we do comes around. The bad habit of mine dat I want to burn is being restless. The best memory is of  watching Ramleela and doing Puja. I feel nostalgic about the memories each time Dussehra comes..