TV celebs talk about their plans on Bhai Dooj

The festival that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters is here. And just like you, TV stars too have planned to celebrate it. Read on to know more…

Divyanka Tripathi 1

I’m blessed to have a little brother like Aishwarya Tripathi. He is gentle, kind hearted and the most humble soul around me. Trust me, guys like him are a rare sight in today’s world. He has a very subtle sense of  humour and is the greatest company. We have had major fist fights and wrestling matches as kids. But later, I became his third mother after my mom and sister. And now we are best pals. As far as celebrating is concerned, since he is a pilot, he is very diet conscious, so sweets won’t work for him. But I’ll ask my hubby and send him some protein packs and nutritional supplements.

Hitesh Bhardwaj 6
Bhai Dooj is special to me. I don’t have a real sister as we are two brothers in the family. But my Guruji, Akhlaq Hussain who has taught me a lot, has two daughters Oshin and Zoya whom I consider my sisters. Every year I celebrate Rakhsa Bandhan and Bhai Dooj with them. They are very special to me. Sadly, this time during Bhai Dooj I won’t be able to meet them as I am busy with my work. But I want to wish my two sisters all the best and tell them that  they are very talented and they will do very well in life. I love them very much.

Saurabh Pandey 5
The whole point of Bhai Dooj is that siblings can meet one another on the auspicious day which is set as per the Vedic Calendar. So, this Bhai Dooj I will be seeing my sister in Delhi and spending time with her. Our brother Gaurav is out for his film shoot, so this time it will be just the two of us. And, like always, we will have great time!

Mrunal Jain2
My muhboli sister Rashami Desai is very close to my heart. I am there for her and I know that she’s always there for me. This Bhai Dooj I will take her out for a quick cup of coffee as we both have hectic shoot schedules. She herself is very busy shooting for her new show Dil Se Dil Tak. I wish her all the happiness of the world. Festivals like BhaiDooj are amazing and keep us grounded and connected.Ssharad Malhotraa8
I will be missing my sister a lot, as this year I will not be able to go home due to my hectic work schedule. But I’m sending her a customized chocolate bouquet and a surprise gift. I love her a lot and I’ll always will be there with her in each and every decision, forever!Asmita Sood  asmitasood-new-picI will be in my hometown for Bhai Dooj and celebrate with my little brother Aarav. He is in class 10th now at a very crucial stage in his life. I just wish he makes the right decisions and choices at this stage. I haven’t thought about what l will give him yet.

Ankit Bathla 3

Luckily, this Bhai Dooj I will be in Delhi with my sister Nishtha Bathla who is the love of my life! She has already got her gift for Diwali and Bhai Dooj. Its a bracelet which reads – I am watching your back. I think she is the coolest sister in the world. I can discuss anything under the sun with her without any fear of being judged. My wish to her this time is a promise that I will always stand by her till eternity and I want to see her with my jiju by next year. I know she will kill me for saying this!

Shardul Pandit 7This year I’m flying home right after shoot for Diwali and Bhai Dooj. In fact, I’m boarding the flight as we speak! My sister became a mother this year so it’s gonna be a really special Diwali with her and my little nephew. My sister is everything for me. There was a time I was really down and out, depressed and away from India. She was and remains my only strength who brought me back to life with her love, strength and positivity. She is my pillar and one of the strongest human beings I know. I wish she is my sister in every birth as everyone thinks their siblings are the best, but one has to know her to know what I am talking about. Ruchita Pandit Wadhwani Thank you for being my sister in this birth and I hope you choose me as you brother in every birth.

Priyal Gor 4My younger brother name is Neeraj Gor. We fight and argue like friends. I would talk to him on phone since he is out of town. I have bought a gift for him too which is a big surprise for him.  Bhai Dooj is a good festival to remind your sibling how much he matters.