Today being Janmashtami, most of the Krishna followers might be fasting as a tradition.


I was wondering what is fasting all about, why should one fast and abstinence of what?

Fasting is not just about not eatting regular food.
Fasting has a different purpose than what we understand.

In ancient days, sages had to spend a lot of time to collect food from forest and then cook, this would take away a huge chunk of their day time,, so the fasting was to save time and focus more on prayers.

As per scriptures, two things consume major amount of energy
1 -Talking (verbal communication) 2- Eating food (digestion and processing by body).

Food was avoided as it takes away a lot of energy to organize, cook, eat and even digest.

On auspicious days, like Janmashtami, Mahashivratri, Shravan month, Navratri, it is believed that the cosmic energy is positive and can be gained through prayers and meditation.

The purpose of staying light in body or eating food that is light was to make it conducive and easy to meditate and stay connected with Divine.

This was mainly to draw higher vibration in life, that can help one to evolve further in journey of soul.

In recent times, life is different, most of us diet (either for health or medical reasons) or eat consciously, would that make a big difference to fatsing or no fasting on food?

Today, if you want to fast, fast for that thing which prevents you from meditating or praying or connecting with Divine.

What is that one thing the prevents you from your peace ?
Unproductive talks
Unproductive calls
Social media
Arguing, Anger, stress…..watever that is taking you away from your peace, just for today, drop it, fast on it….don’t consume that today.

Fasting is to stay light,
So one can pray and be bright.
Eat what you like..maybe eat any one of the  things…but be on it the whole day.

Today consume only one of the approach like joy, compassion, kindness, gratitude, fun, spread the light, chant, meditate, pray….or create a combo and eat.

Am sure Krishna would love that more than you staying hungry.

Happy Janmashtami to all of you

Deepali Pandya