There is a thin line between personal and professional space: Kinshuk Mahajan


Actor Kinshuk Mahajan, who will be seen in the show Bhootu, is really looking forward to it. The actor, who has also been part of supernatural show Naagin, is confident that people will enjoy his new show. “Bhootu is a light comedy. It is not serious at all. The show is a light-hearted drama and people are enjoying it. It is also a love story and has all the elements of entertainment,” he says.

The actor is known for his role in the show Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai and says that the industry has progressed a lot since that time. “My show Bidaai is a big landmark in my career and I leant a lot. Since then, I think our industry has become more professional, our actors have become sincerer and the industry has grown in general. Also, the working conditions have improved,” he says.

Kinshuk has always maintained a low profile compared to other actors. Talking about this, he says, “Definitely it is a conscious decision. I feel that there should be a thin line between the personal and professional space. I don’t know if I am right or wrong, I personally feel that you should keep it simple. The simpler you are, the easier your life will be.”

The actor has never been part of controversies, which is feels has worked for him. “I feel that it is an advantage. I don’t think that negative publicity is good publicity. And I think that in our industry, publicity does not help you, it will only get you shows like Bigg Boss. Acting wise you have to be a good actor than only you’ll get good opportunities,” he says.

Ask him, what is meaning of fame for him and he says, “Fame is something which gives an actor satisfaction. And that doesn’t mean that I get into any controversies. It means that I am being appreciated for my good work.”

The actor has acted in a Telugu film as well. When asked about why he didn’t choose for Bollywood instead, he says, “I am a believer of destiny. I did not choose south and I am not choosing anything else.”