The best teachers in life


Teachers’ Day is on 5th September and these TV actors talks about who have been the biggest teachers in their lives.

Ankit Siwach
Ankit Siwach: One teacher, who taught me everything about life would be Lakhwinder ma’am. She is my soul sister. She entered my life as an accounts teacher and sports head of the college, and has been with me since then, as a teacher, a mentor, a guiding light and above everything an elder sister.
Ramman Handa (7)
Ramman Handa: Time is the real teacher in life and it teaches you so much. Times teaches you the value of each second. Other than this, I have also learnt so much from Mrs. Deepa Bhargav. She taught me all about patience and I can never forget the way she used to have a big smile on her face every time I would see her. I have learned to be happy and face every situation with a smiling face, from her. I can never repay the debts of gratitude, I owe, to Mrs. Bhargav.
Karan Oberoi
Karan Oberoi:
 My teacher here in Mumbai is Uvie. He is an accomplished musician and playback singer. He has taught me so much. He is a true friend and has an indomitable spirit, plus a cheerful disposition. All this is a great enhancement in personal development, especially when dealing with the crests and troughs of life!
Nutan Rai (4)
Nutan Rai: The best teacher in life will be my parents. Our parents have taught me to decipher between right and wrong, basic etiquettes and have imparted great values through their experiences. No one can be as good and amazing as they are. They have taught me how to respect others and be humble. Not many parents give these values to their kids or are even able to spend time with their kids. I am very lucky to have them as my parents.
Jasmin Bhasin (8)
Jasmin Bhasin: For me, the biggest teacher has always been time because I guess time teaches us everything, right from patience, persistence and how to deal with life. Life is special and you get it only once, so you need to learn how to make it worthwhile.
Rohit Purohit-new
Rohit Purohit: My father has been my biggest teacher. Not only did he teach me how to lead a well-balanced life, he also taught me right from wrong. During my childhood, I always wanted to drive cars and was fascinated by people who drove big cars. I was never allowed to do so because I didn’t have a driving license at that time. I was stopped by my father, who always taught me to play by the rules.
Sara Arfeen Khan (2)
Sara Arfeen Khan:I have too many teachers in life. My first teacher is my mother, she brought me up taught me and taught me all that there is to know about art. I learnt all about dancing, singing, drawing from her. I used to wonder why she would put me in so many classes but I owe my creativity to her. I salute her…she has taught me kindness, how to be polite, gratitude and the value of contribution, through her example. My second teacher is my husband. He has taught me how to be strong and how to use my mental strength. I have learnt how to take everything with a pinch of salt and how to conduct myself with grace, even in the face of adversity. In your life, unless your mind is not strong, you really can’t overcome challenges. My third teacher is Pravin aunty. She taught me all about religion. She helped me read and understand the Quran.

 Shardul Pandit-2
Shardul Pandit: 
I have had two amazing teachers; one would be my sister, who is an example of an exemplary human being, and the other would be my ex-partner. My sister is the most positive and strong individual that I know. I have learned how to live life the right way, looking at her. My ex taught me how it’s important to value and love yourself.

Shakti Arora (1)

Shakti Arora: The biggest teacher in my life is my grandfather Chandrashekhar ji. He has taught me a lot about acting and being humble. Though he was a big star, it’s amazing to see how he handled everything, his PR skills and how he maintained relationships throughout his career. I really look up to him for that.

Neha Saxena (1)

Neha Saxena: My favorite teacher in school was my chemistry teacher. Her name is Rekha. The best thing I could have learned from her is to be sincere about studies. However, she was much more than that, she was fun and some of my most memorable days have been spent with her.

Ssharad Malhotraa (2)

Ssharad Malhotraa: My mother is my real teacher. She has brought me up with such great values and whatever I am today, is because of her. She has always inspired me to never give up, which has been my most valued lesson so far.

Mrunal Jain (27)

Mrunal Jain: If I have to talk about teachers who made a difference in my life, then I will have to talk about my father. He has been a true inspiration for me. Seeing him lead a valuable life, has taught me so much.

Chandan K Anand (2)

Chandan Anand: I am very blessed to have parents who have never stopped me from doing anything or pursuing my dreams. Whatever I am, I am because of them. Yes, they used to say that whatever I did should be in balance. Their only advice was to do good things to others and believe in good and God. When I was a kid, I hated studying, they used to scold me but they also allowed it to some extent. They always supported me.

hrishikesh Pandey-3

Hrishikesh Pandey: The teacher outside school is my father who is no more, he passed away last year. But I will never forget the struggle that he went through. He was a very humble, down-to-earth person. He helped everyone selflessly and that is the thing that I learned from him. That thing comes from inside you. I also learned discipline from him which has helped me a lot.