Karmic Astrology – SUN & KARMIC ASTROLOGY

In Astrology ‘SUN’ has gained utmost importance.SUN is regarded as king of all Planets.Sun gives us life energy & Vitality.Sun represents the soul of an individual.
In the Birth Chart in whichever sign Sun is Placed it changes it showcases its qualities accordingly.For instance if Sun is Placed in Aries then it will give an individual strong Crown Chakra & thus the individual is very confident & has a magnanimous personality.
The individual achieves great success in his life.The individual enjoys great social circle & earns rewards & gains reputation through his own efforts.The individual has a good muscular body & enjoys good physical health.The individual has au very optimistic attitude towards life & he also encourages others to see the brighter side of life.He achieves his goals within time & is very hardworking.Since Sun is the king of all planets the individual also commands respect in the society.He enjoys the company of highly respected people in the society.He excels in every field he pursues.He succeeds in governmental work& also bears the capacity of becoming a top official i.e.I.A.S , I.P.S Officer.He is extremely philanthropic by nature & his contribution in bringing reformation in the taboo breaking behaviour of the masses is crowned & thus he is remembered for his remarkable contribution.
Those individuals who have a badly Placed Sun in their horoscope have to struggle a lot in their life & also have a weak digestive System & immune system.The individual is also very lethargic & is very impulsive in his actions & invites trouble from the government bodies & faces a great tussle with fatherly figures in his life.Hence the individual is considered as a “LATE BLOOMER” in his life.Till the Age of 35 individual has to struggle a lot & is unable to grab opportunities because of low Self – esteem.
Such an individual is always dependent on others for getting his work & thus this is a major drawback it has to be overcomes. Thus the individual lacks strength to learn his soul lessons& keeps on blaming the people around including his co-workers or family members for his failures. Thus having a well placed Sun is extremely important.Remedies like Donating Wheat on Sundays ,Worshiping the Rising Sun can prove extremely beneficial & it can bless individual with great willpower for achieving his goals despite of struggles he faces in his life.
Tushar Apte (karmic Astrologer)