Journey Of A Man Fighting His Inner Demons – Sultan


Sultan – Movie Review

“Sultan” is not just a movie, rather it is a journey of a man fighting his inner demons and marking a win over them. There could have been no better gift on Eid for the fans of the star cast of Sultan – Salman Khan, Randeep Hooda and Anushka Sharma. There is always that one time in our lives where we have to learn how to handle success and balance our relationships with the accomplishments of our life. And this movie is a perfect depiction of this learning. The performances by all the actors are ace-level and the story line is definitely touching the emotional cords even for the most emotionally disconnected people. Sultan definitely strikes your heart and forces your mind to think about your own life management skills.

Sultan is a fun-loving, carefree normal guy with no big ambitions in mind until he meets the love of his life Aarfa (played by Anushkha Sharma) who is a local wrestler. To woo and entice his love towards Aarfa, Sultan himself becomes a wrestler and starts his journey of accomplishments. But on this journey of winning, somewhere he has not understood yet the lesson of how to balance relationships on this journey. This is where he looses his love and is now standing mid-day and life takes a sudden halt. The performances in these emotional scenes is way ahead than just raving and surely each and every person can connect to these feelings portrayed brilliantly as well as intensely by Salman Khan.

The humane connect that Sultan finds and a new ambition to fulfill in the memory of his dead child is just a very compassionate feeling. But life gives him another chance to fulfill his dream in a bigger way. And this is where Randeep Hooda makes a statement that your soul is dead, hence you do not have it inside you anymore. And here is when Sultan rises himself and announces that he is ready and the soul re-awakens. Even though wrestling is the backdrop of the movie, but it has never over-powered the emotional and feeling touch in the entire movie. Ali Abbas Zafar has done a commendable job in the direction and has used the talents and skills of the actors to the fullest.

As Sultan, Salman Khan has portrayed those intense sentiments and passion which a common man goes through and this is what makes him stand out. Anuskha Sharma as Aarfa has definitely done just complete justice to the character. The soul of Sultan can be felt in each and every moment which makes you glued to your seats. The multi-dimensional emotional performance of Sultan makes you go through your own journey running parallel in your mind and heart. The most touching scene and dialogue in the movie about relationships is when Sultan bounces back and the media asks him about his separation from his wife. I think this is the best answer to any relationship issue where he says, “We are not separated, she is just angry with me. And in a relationship this anger can be for a few days, for a few years or for an entire lifetime. But this is not the end of my relationship.” I think this one dialogue particularly teaches you wisdom of a lifetime to see relationships in a different perspective.

This movie does not just have one learning for us, rather it represents a bouquet of learning which is truly represented in the best form ever. Understanding how to balance the self-ego in relationships and how to share our accomplishments with our loved ones is showcased in the most simplest yet intense manner. And for relationships, it brings with itself a galore of wisdom on how to let each one has his space and when the need be, how to motivate your partner even in the toughest of situations. I would recommend this movie strongly to each one for discovering the inner “Sultan” residing in them and learn how to combat issues like these. In all, intense performance oriented movie which will leave you astounded as the movie comes to an end.

Shweta Rohira