Staying Healthy and Fit This Navratri: Tips by Kinita Patel


Kinita, a Sports Nutrition Consultant who runs a private practice called “MEALpyramid”. She specialises in sport-specific diets along with weight management. Apart from MEALpyramid, Kinita is also associated with brands like Vogue beauty Award, IPL Mumbai Indians, Common Wealth Games etc. Today, we had a live chat with her to talk about staying healthy and fit through this super energetic exercise filled festival of Navratri. She says fasting in Navratri is extremely healthy but we need to try stay off fried food and add a lot of seasonal fruits like oranges, apples, bananas and in snacks makhana, rajgheera aata etc. When you break your fast she says don’t dump a lot of carbohydrate at one time, first begin with protein like paneer and a glass of milk, and then start with your proper meal since your body has gone into non-eating mode for more than 15 to 20 hours eating full meal after breaking fast will create problem. And for all those non-vegetarian who are turning vegetarian this Navratri can substitute their protein intake with pulses, sprouts, tofu, milk, curd, paneer.  She says eat healthy and enjoy navratri but spend 3 hours doing garbha to burn all the carb that you have eaten and if you face any acidity problem use cooling foods like sabza, soak overnight and eat the next day.