Shweta Rohira: Dhanteras is an official shopping day for me


As she gears up for the festivities this year, actor Shweta Rohira has big plans for Dhanteras. The actor says the day has always held a lot of significance for her. “Dhanteras is one of the most auspicious days of the year. It is said that whatever you buy on this festival will reap rich benefits for you in the long run,” she says.

Well! Dhanteras means going on a shopping spree as well! “For me, Dhanteras is an official shopping day, so the list is huge. In our family, besides gold and silver, we buy electronic appliances too. A coffee machine is on the top of my list of many things that I am buying this Dhanteras,” she says.

She adds, “Where gold and silver are concerned, I love temple jewellery. It’s more like a ritual to take something on those lines itself.”