The universe does not hear our words, it reacts to our vibratory frequency. Nothing ever happens by accident, chance or luck; our vibrations create our life. Once we understand the law of attraction, it is easy to decipher that we have attracted those problems to us, with our low vibrations, and we can just as easily reverse them by raising our vibrations.

These are some the practices  to increase our vibrations:


Love is a great vibration booster and our vibratory frequencies are primarily determined by our love quotient. Love can be experienced as platonic love, passionate love, romantic love, friendship, and affection. It varies in degree and intensity as much as it varies in variety. A healthy balance of all types of love makes a great recipe for a happy life, because love is the master energy which carries the highest vibration.


Asking for forgiveness and forgiving others always leads us to love. Forgiveness is the answer to releasing all our negative blocks. Whenever we get stuck in life, it means that we need to do some more forgiving.

The best way to become forgiving is to feel grateful; as we focus upon being grateful, we begin to forgive.


An attitude of gratitude instantly shifts the frequency in every cell of our body. Gratitude is of three types. We feel grateful when someone does something for us, or gives something to us. Saying thanks is almost like a reflex action in most civilised societies. It is considered polite to say thanks and its importance is taught to children right from the time they learn to speak. Indians, somehow associate saying thanks to a degree of formality and are likely to say thanks only to strangers and acquaintances, not to friends and family.

An expression of thanks for everything that life hands out to us, desirable and not so desirable, conveys our faith in universal wisdom.

When we remain in an attitude of gratitude at all times, for the very air we breathe, the birds and animals around us, the trees and the flowers, the sun and the moon, our vibrations become very high.

Receiving and Giving

Real joy in life comes from giving and doing things for others. When we give of ourselves, a vacant space is created within and since the universe abhors a vacuum, it fills the space with a lot more of the same energy. This is the universal ‘law of giving and receiving’.

Some of us are great givers but reluctant receivers. But the circle of give and take is completed only when we enjoy both aspects of sharing.

Giving gratefully and receiving gracefully raises our vibrations, but we cannot give or receive joyfully unless we know that we don’t ‘own’ anything; we are only custodians of all that we have.


Something as simple as paying attention to our breath benefits us tremendously. Consciously slowing and deepening the breath not only helps us get more oxygen to our brain and other body parts, but also raises our vibrations.


Silence means that we not only withdraw from the spoken word but also from reading, watching television, listening to music, etc. Anything to do with words is to be avoided. Instead we can spend time in nature, take a walk, watch the sunrise or sunset, and practice meditation. Gardening, cooking, washing, cleaning too are some activities which can be done without using any words.

Spending time in silence for at least 30 minutes a day is essential to experience harmony in our life. In the process, we also raise our vibrations.