Puppy love

From taking roses for their teachers to going moon-eyed every time they saw them, our TV actors have done it all. As we celebrate Teachers’ Day today, our favourite TV actors tell us who they crushed on during their school and college days.
Jasmin Bhasin (3)
Jasmin Bhasin: I had a crush on my social science teacher because he was really good looking and very intelligent. Plus, he always supported and encouraged his students.
Karan Oberoi
Karan Oberoi: I had a huge crush on my computer science teacher because of her extremely affable personality and a warm and affectionate way of dealing with students. To top it all, she was soft spoken, had a special fondness for me because of my singing and was very pretty to look at. I used to go moon-eyed every time she set foot in the classroom, with a goofy grin plastered throughout her stay there.
Gunjan Utreja latest pic
Gunjan Utreja:  In school, I had a huge crush on my Maths teacher Mrs. Abha. I was highly impressed by the fact she made a challenging subject like Maths, fun and interactive for us. Besides, she was the most beautiful, elegant and poised woman, I had seen at that time.
Sheeba: I had a crush on my diving instructor when I was a teenager. I would get completely tongue tied every time I went for class!! It was
pretty funny.
Mrunal Jain new close up-in black t shirt
Mrunal Jain: I had a crush on my English teacher. I used to take a rose for her every week and it she used to blush every time I gave it to her. I remember I used to comb and shampoo my hair every Monday, the day I would give her the rose. She used to be very stylish and intelligent.
Mohammad Nazim-new
Mohammad Nazim: I had a crush on my Hindi teacher in class eight. I used to take friendship bands for her and she would give me chocolates. She was quite young and was one of the most popular teachers in my school.
Shardul Pandit-2
Shardul Pandit: There was this Bengali teacher in our school and boys were crazy about how charming she was. I still remember, she would wear sleeveless blouses with her sarees. She knew how much we crushed on her and it was quite embarrassing too. In fact, we attended her classes only to look at her and ogle.
Ssharad Malhotraa (5)
Ssharad Malhotraa– I had a huge crush on my history teacher. She would often take extra classes and since I loved her so much, I loved history too and would often top my class.
Laksh (12)
Laksh: I had a huge crush on my English teacher when I was in the 3rd standard. She was tall and beautiful and always returned my smile with a smile.
Shashank Vyas
Shashank Vyas: I had a crush on my computer teacher when I was in the 6th standard. She was pretty and I have fond memories of her.