Neha Kaul playing with these dogs onset will make your day !


Actor Neha Kaul has always wanted to have a pet dog. However, the actor feels that the house she stays in currently has no space for a dog, and hence, has not been to get one. But she makes sure to play with the dogs on the sets of her show‘Bitti Businesswali’.” Whenever I get time in between the shots, I make sure to play with them. These dogs are really affectionate and stay on the set itself. I give them biscuits and homemade rotis,” says the actor.

The actor says that she plans to get a pet dog as soon as she moves to a bigger place. “I have never had a dog at home. My mom never allowed me to keep a pet. Keeping a dog is still on my wish list. But Mumbai homes are so small, I feel that dogs need space to roam around. When I have a big house, I will get a dog,” she says.