Jupiter & Ketu in Conjunction


Jupiter is the “Planet of Wisdom.”Jupiter blesses individual with Ancient Wisdom.Jupiter is the Significator of Progency ,Academic Education & OLD Age.Jupiter rules the signs of ‘Saggitarius & Pisces.’Jupiter is the Significator of 2nd, 5th,9th,11th house.Jupiter’s Aspect is considered extremly Auspicious.

It is beleived that the spheres of life where Jupiter gives the helping hand to the individual he is sure to succeed in those areas of Life.Jupiter signifies stability & Growth in the feild the individual chooses to Pursue.Jupiter is also a significator of Large Scale Businesses.Jupiter helps the individual to master an Art i.e. he helps individual to gain profeciency in a particular feild.

Jupiter is extremly Vital as far as Auspicious functions & Rituals are concerned.If Jupiter is weakly placed or debilitated then individual has to struggle to complete his tasks.He often has to face faliures & delays in his life.A weakly placed jupiter can also give rise to certain health issues like Obesity,Diabetes, Jaundice etc.An individual having well-placed jupiter is calm & Composed.He is ambitious & pursues his dreams & succeeds in his endavours.

The individual often sets a benchmark for others because of his extra-ordinary Acheivements.Such an individual also has a good Social circle & is highly Respected in the society.Siuch an individual is also very philantrophic & contributes to a great extent to uplift the lower sections of the society & also undertakes construction of Reigious & Educational institutions like Schools ,Colleges,Temples etc.Such an individual is also rewarded for his remarkable contribution & for success he gains in various feilds & Vice Versa.Jupiter is stationed in a particular sign for One Year.

Ketu is a Shadow Planet.It is called the “South Node of Moon”.It is also called “Ati-Mangal”.It is always Retrogadge.It is not a complete planet.Ketu moulds itself depending upon the sign in which it is placed.Ketu gives best results when it is placed in 3rd ,6th & 11th house.Ketu represents the ‘Physical Body’ of an individual.Ketu is significator of 8th house.It also represents Endings & Reincarnation. It has a headless body.

Ketu aspects the 5th ,7th & the 9th house from the house in which it is placed .5th & 9th Aspects of Ketu are considered extremly important.Ketu detaches the individual from a particular sphere depending upon the house in which it is placed also Sign placement ,Nakshatra in which he is placed & degrees at which it is placed play an important role in understanding the impact it has on an individual’s life.It is Spiritual Planet.An individual having well-placed Ketu can succeed in the Research feild & in occult Sciences like Astrology,Numerology,Crystal ball gazing etc.Such individuals are very intutive.Ketu also rules Animals.

Ketu represents the things which individual has already enjoyed in his past lifetime & hence ketu detaches individual from that sphere of life.Ketu is always placed 180 degrees i.e. 7 houses away from Rahu.If Ketu is weakly placed it can give rise various physical afflictions like weak Eyesight,impared hearing & it can also give rise to other diseases which are not easily detectable because of subtuble symptoms but later on can play a havoc with life.A weakly placed ketu can also give rise to mental disorders or Learning disabilites if ketu is afflicting Mercury(planet of intellect) or the Ascendant lord of the individual.Such individuals can also be dissatisfied with life & are indecessive in the actions.

Jupiter & Ketu in Conjunction gives rise to “Angbhang Yog”.This combination gives best results if it is formed in signs like Cancer,Pisces, Saggitarius because jupiter is exalted in Cancer & it is placed in its own sign in Saggitarius & Pisces also Ketu is Exalted in Pisces & in Cancer it is placed in its friendly sign.This combination is benefical for healers,Astrologers,Tarot Card Readers,Researchers,Spiritualists because these individuals have highly devloped psysic abilities.

Tushar Apte (Karmic Astrologer)