It’s a mom’s world!


It has been long.

Way too long!

Life has changed a lot since I last wrote. Oh well, that’s putting it mildly.

It’s a brand new life. A good one at that.

Let me tell you when it changed – the exact minute it did.


Time – 11:30 am

ME: It’s been too long. Today has to be it.

Time- 12:00 noon

Me: Doc, please tell me it’s happening today.

Time: 12:20 pm

She examines, I scream.

Doc: Let’s get going. Today it is.





Oh shit! I mean – oh wow!


The 20-minute drive to the hospital, undoubtedly, was the longest one ever. I have been stuck in a traffic jam for three hours on a rainy day alright. But this was definitely longer.

Time – 12:40 pm​


Oh wait! One more injection.

Time – 1:50 pm​

Doc: Move​, move, move. Let’s get going. It’s a stressed situation.

I see my mom hugging the doc and crying, sister beaming from ear to ear and the husband running around ​looking like he hasn’t a second to think.

They put me in a wheelchair and off I ​went!

DOC​: Calm down. Breathe. We need to inject you in your spine. Think of a happy place.​

​​Like ​it’s possible to ​think of the Maldives, sitting in my water villa, sipping a cocktail and gazing into the ocean in this situation.

This was the worst injection ever. It was painful. You are probably thinking how painful can an injection be? Think about how much it would hurt if you had to silently submit to 10 lashes​. No​, make it a​ 100 ​lashes. YES. THAT.

ME: Where’s my husband? Call him now.

DOC​: He will be here once we are ready

And then the cutting, pulling, removing began.

​All this while they discussed what they ate for breakfast and what their kids are up to ​at school.

Hello, you have a bigger task at hand, how about you concentrate on me right now. I loved my doc. She was amazing but​, considering the situation, ​,​anyone in their right mind ​would be worried.

Everyone yelled: 2:11. It’s a boy!

2:11 pm! That’s the time everything changed for me.

I became a mother! WOW! That’s huge.​ And no, ​I’m ​not talking about my size ?

​​The happiest day that changed it all!

​I was on maternity leave for ​two months and ​I was to ​get back to work soon but that didn’t happen​. I’m not getting into the why and what of it right now.

My new ​job​ title: Reyaan di Ma ( Until further notice)

The Punjabi in me couldn’t resist using “di”

​P​ay​: Smiles and laughter. Babbles and screams. Scratches and kicks. Dirty diapers, being peed on or even shat on. Spit ups and drools.

And the best part – a lot of unconditional love!

I love my job!

He is now 4.5 months and it is only getting better. Waking up to him smiling at me and me kissing him till he breaks into a laughter, makes me forget everything.

While I am enjoying every bit of it, this is ​the first time I haven’t worked in the last decade! Even though my new job keeps me extremely busy, I wanted to do something.

Being a former journalist,​ nothing comes easier to me than writing. And thanks to my friend Shalini ​, who has motivated me to start writing again, here I am.

So beginning today, I will blog about my experience about being a mommy, stories other moms ​have shared with me –​ some funny and some not-so and some articles on mommy hood.

Let it begin!


Swati Chopra