I will miss my costume the most: Kunal Bakshi

Actor Kunal Bakshi who plays the role of god Indra in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Karmaphal Data Shani feels he will miss the costume for his character the most. Kunal says,”Playing the main villain in a show is always tough, and a big responsibility. I am happy that people have accepted me as Indra in the show. I have made some great friends from the show right from the directors to all the spot boys to actors Salil Ankola to Juhi Parmar to Zoyeb and Rohit Khurana, Sachin and Gufi Sir. I will miss all of them.  But I will miss my costume the most. I have learnt so many things during the show. It will all be very useful in my career.” But is he comfortable playing negative roles? “Why not? Positive characters do not have much scope for an actor, but through negative character, an actor can do many things.” Kunal also shares his experience while shooting one scene where he had a lot of difficulties. He says,”There was one scene where Shani took my crown away and the scene was quite long, I had to portray a lot of aggression and anger in that scene. Later on, when the shoot got over I was exhausted.” the show is going off air soon. And the good news is Karmaphal Data Shani started in Indonesia this week.