Havoc in Chennai or a message of the Divine?


The recent unending rains in Chennai have brought the entire life to a stand still. People from all walks of life have got affected in some or the other way. Whether it is getting stuck at some place or whether it is water filling inside the houses; whatever the case may be but the city is definitely in the worst condition ever imagined by mankind. If we go a year back, there were floods in Kashmir with unending rains and then in October cyclone Hudhud had struck the Andaman Sea devastating Vishakhapatnam severely. But why are these water-struck natural disasters hitting us from time and again?

Water represents emotions and today in this DNA age our emotions are suppressed and repressed to the core. From emotional beings we have turned into robotic beings carrying emotions of greed, hatred, frustration, regrets and resentments. It is the Nature’s way of giving us a strong message to start looking within our core beings. We are born on this planet to amplify the feelings of love, joy and happiness. We are forgetting the innate nature of our being which is love. Human beings are supposed to be peace loving beings as against what we are doing.

Time to wake up from the deep sleep of hatred, regret, resentment and greed. Let’s wake up now, this very moment and bring back the balance of this Nature. We are blessed with enormous goodness to live a loving life. Let us start with us as individuals rather than trying to change the world. The change needs to start with you first. If each one of us determines to shed the negativity within, the day is not far where once again we all can live a serene life. Rekindle the desire of making yourself synonymous with love. Mother Earth is somewhere feeling unloved with our actions of cutting down on trees, shortening the lake sizes. In short, we are doing an act of violence and this violence needs to end.

Firstly, the aggression with ourselves needs to end. The starting point to bring about a change is us. Let us pledge to start making this change in this moment before it is too late. Before the Nature takes the reins of shifting our mindset totally in it’s hands, it is better to begin with the change now. Nature will always bring back the balance, whether we agree or disagree. Hence, let us take this Chennai rains message intensely and begin the journey of transformation.