Gurpreet Singh: My co-actor are like my family now


Actor Gurpreet Singh, who plays the role of Ambiraj in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s show ‘Porus’ is having a ball of a time on the sets of the show. The actor is close to his co-actors and enjoys working with them. “All the artists are too good and fun to work with. They all are my buddies and we enjoy a lot on the shoot and if not shooting we sit in any of our room and chat for hours. Play guitar and sing songs. I share a special bond with Rati Pandey, who is playing my sister,” he says.

He adds, “It’s always nice to share a good bond with your co-actors as we shoot for long hours together. We have started feeling like a family now.”

But what happens once the shoot is over? “After the shoot is over, it depends on person to person to maintain friendship and contact. I try to maintain the friendship. But it’s tough for people at times because of the long working hours,” he says.