Friendly nostalgia


Friendships Day is here are TV actors talk about their best friends and the relationship they share with them!


Pooja Banerjee: My best friend is Ninoshka Rodrigues. I met her when I was in class 4. We used to swim together and have been inseparable since then. Currently, she stays in Canada and I miss her every day. I know we don’t talk to each other every day and I don’t get to see her but I really miss her. I know we both are always there for each other.

Vibha Chibber: My best friend’s name is Aruna Shetty and we have been friends for almost 33 years now. I met her in 1983 at NSD. We have faced a lot of ups and downs from Delhi to Mumbai and we have always been together. She was senior to me in age but when we worked together, I was the director and she worked under me. She never said that she was older to me. She always advised me used to scold me too but when nobody was around. She would always take care of me. If I sounded sad she would ask me what was wrong.

Ayyaz Ahmed: Priyamvada Kant is my best friend. We met a long time back probably in 2011 through our mutual friend Adhish Khanna. She is just not my best friend forever but is more of a sibling to me. She ties Rakhi to me every year and is also she is very protective of me like my mother. We’ve been with each other through thick and thin. I remember when I hit a low in life, how she always supported me and motivated me. I am blessed to have her in my life as my best friend and a sister.

Akashdeep Sabir: My best friend is obviously my wife and that’s why we are having fun in the relationship even after two decades. It’s important to become friends. With friendship developing over time with your partner, the relationship grows. I met Sheeba to discuss a film script. Her silent and simple approach and obviously her beautiful looks attracted me to her immediately. Once married, I realised how lucky I was when I saw who she really was.  A complete woman…beautiful and intelligent, a mother beyond compare and has a wonderful last man standing quality of friendship. It’s a beautiful combination where I get my way and I am enjoying my life only because of the space she gives me.

Adhvik Mahajan: Ravneet Pahwa is my best friend. We met in our school in Punjab. We might not even talk for months now but still, the bond has never changed. We are always there for each other just how we were while growing up. I remember he used to help me with maths and I used to help him with English. I remember how he had a crush on a girl but he never had the guts to ask her out, so I went ahead on his behalf and spoke to her. They started seeing each other and later I got to know she was two-timing him, so I was the one who became the reason for their breakup too.

Neha Kaul: 
My best friend is Tanvi Thakkar. I met her on the sets of Bahu Hamari Rajnikant. She is really special to me although our friendship is quite new. I am so glad that we shared a makeup room. I got to know so much about her and vice versa. We use to sit in that makeup room and chat with each other for hours although we both aren’t so talkative with other. We have so many funny videos together. I think our friendship has reached that level where we do not even dress up or make our hair to meet each other, we would rather be in our pajamas! I remember on the last day of the shoot of ‘Bahu Humari Rajnikant’, when we all were bidding farewell she had tears in her eyes looking at me. She told me, “Neha, you are not going to get rid of me!” 

Ssharad Malhotra: Prateek Chakravorty who produced the film “From Sydney With Love” (2012) my debut film and currently produced my short film is my close friend. During the making of the film, we had a blast. I can never forget how we ate together, worked round the clock. Since then we have developed a bond like brothers. We have seen the miseries of our fall together and helped each other grow in our own space over the period of time.  I hope our friendship remains one that lasts a lifetime.

Vaishali Takkar: Kabeer Kumar is my best friend. I met him at my home only as he was my roommates’ co-actor during his first show on Zee TV. He used to visit my place often to chill with my roomie, who was like his sister. And one day I cooked paratha and he eventually had one and became a fan of my cooking. Since then we are bffs. We have so many special memories together!

Heital Puniwala: My wife name Bela and she is my best friend for life, whom I would like to dedicate the song, ‘Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Shikava To Nahi (Andhi)…’ She makes my life very easy. She helps me on every path of life, every moment and understands me better than anyone else. She has helped me fulfill my dream by sacrificing her dream. Always trustworthy and cheerful. She completes my family.

Puru Chibber: I have 5 very close friends Lalit, Mayank, Mark, Rohit I share everything with everyone and I have a friend Roshni I call her Chiqu. We know each other for 10 years we met at a friends party 10years back. We bond because we understand each other and can talk about anything and everything. I have a special memory she, my other friends and my family recently visited Macau and Hong Kong we had a lot of fun. There was a low period of one a half year we lost a little touch but then we thought why are we spoiling our friendship and had a talk and we are best friends.

Naveen Sharma: My best friend is Navin, he stays in Jaipur. We used to go to tutions together during my 10th grade. Our bond is special that he is scared of horror movies and I make him watch every horror movie. There have been no ups and downs in our friendship in fact it has grown stronger. Whenever I visit Jaipur I go directly to his house first before going to mine.

Sheeba:My Mother is my best friend- she has been since I opened my eyes really- there’s nothing I don’t share with her.. I love partying with her – holidaying with her- chilling with her- we share many common likes and dislikes- basically am a chip off the old block- I try to be like her as much As I can.


Gurpreet Singh –  I am closest to Anju Mahendroo. She is like a friend to me and has always been very protective of me. There is so much positivity and warmth whenever I am around her. She played my mother in the show ‘Kahin Toh Hoga’ and it was amazing. I still remember I learned so much from her during the show. Whenever I am in trouble, I give her a call immediately and she guides me correctly. I like to also consult her whenever I need to take up a new project or for other work-related things. She is very experienced and makes sure to help me every time. I meet her regularly as well as we often catch up for dinner or coffee. She is my support system. She is a gem of a person and is very objective. She has always been there for me and doesn’t hesitate to tell me if and when I go wrong. In my hard times, she has always supported me and I can never forget that. I am really grateful to her for being my best friend. I don’t think I could have made it this far without her.