Doing – the best mantra of life


Life is only for those who are committed, involved. So start doing small things.

In the beginning it will be difficult just because of the old habit But nothing is a problem. Create a new discipline. When people are dancing here, dance; don’t watch. When they are singing, sing; don’t watch. Go swimming, go for a long walk or run, but get involved in something. Be active! When you are active, energy flows, your frozenness disappears, your blocks melt — you start vibrating.

That is the difference between a corpse and an alive man; a corpse cannot do anything.

So do! And the only way is to start doing it — there is no other way to learn. That idea that you have to learn how to do, may be again a postponement, may be again a trick of the same mind.

The mind says, ‘First I have to learn — then I can do.’ But I’m telling you that you can start right now. Maybe your dance will not be very perfect, but there is no need. Your singing may not be of a great singer, but there is no need. Go swimming — your strokes may not be perfect, but there is no need. And the river doesn’t bother whether your strokes are perfect or not. Start moving into life.

And it is just a question of courage. Certainly when you get into things, you get into troubles also. It is very easy to sit before the TV and see people loving each other; nothing is at stake. You can turn it off any moment But if you fall in love with a woman you cannot turn it off so easily. There will be anxiety and turmoil and conflict and struggle, but that is beautiful — that is what life is! It will create many troubles but it will bring many pleasures also.

There will be many ups and many downs. Those downs are worthwhile because they are what life is all about.

Even if you can have a few moments of love with a woman and days of conflict and fighting and nagging, it is worth it; then too, it is worth it. One has to pay for everything. So just start getting into it. Tomorrow morning, start dancing, do the meditation, and just try!