Divine Timing


” Before we came to this lifetime , we made promises to the Creator , which put us in synch with the divine timing of this planet . When you live in harmony with your divine timing , life is easier. Divine timing is what has been planned and agreed upon before we ever came to this plane of existence. Divine timing is when your soul has made prior decisions to do something on this planet and when it awakens to its divine purpose , the time to do it has come . We cannot change our divine timing . Even if we try to , our soul will recreate it . It can always be improved upon . We can allow ourselves to receive all the abundance , Creator has to give us . In order to be prepared for our own Divine timing we need to first clear our blocks surrounding things like money . What ever might be our divine timing , “how” we choose to accomplish the goals of divine timing is up to us , not predestined. How you get to your divine timing is up to you. The needs of the soul will out weigh the conscious level of the mind in importance . The soul will make sure you are where you are supposed to be to accomplish your divine timing . If we believe that our souls have a purpose ,our beliefs will work for us , not against us . Diving timing is something we ” want” to do on a soul level , not something we ” have” to do ”
Vianna stibal