A school drop out enters MIT


Rejected by IIT Malvika Joshi a school drop out gets through MIT.Seventeen year old Mumbai girl Malvika Raj Joshi has not passed her 10th. She Was dropped out of formal schooling at the age of 12.She has made it to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

It all was possible because of her mothers belief and conviction that “Merit” has more weightage than “Marks”This Mumbai teenager has got scholarship by MIT as she is pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree after getting a seat for a three time medal , two silver and one bronze at international Olympiad of Informatics.

She stopped her schooling and explored many different subjects , in her exploration she found her passion in programming . Malvika failed to get admission in elite Indian Institutes as one needs to pass 11th exams.


Malvika’ has got her admission because of her achievements and we wish her a great journey ahead , but it is the flexibility of MIT’s that they can offer admission to a student who demonstrated excellent intellectual potential despite having no formal high school credentials. The credit goes to her mother who realised that , Happiness is more Important than conventional knowledge, and had the strength and conviction to let her daughter pursue her passion without the worry of failure.